January 09, 2009

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Medical Practice on the Cloud

Change is coming to the health care industry that much is clear. How this change will play out is not. There is an emerging sense that structural changes are forthcoming as providers gear up to compete on the basis of creating value for the patient at the level of the medical condition across the lifecycle of treatment (i.e. patient outcomes). This change will likely be driven by new law and pay for performance incentives starting with primary care providers.

There is also momentum building for electronic health records and all providers may soon be required to participate in one or more initiatives. Furthermore, there is widespread consensus that information technology will play a central role in whatever form the health care industry takes going forward. However, information technology is not the solution to the problem but rather it will be a key enabler of whatever solution emerges.

We our help clients migrate their infrastructure to cloud (i.e. the Internet) in manner that will support their competitiveness in what is certain to be a radically different industry than exists today. The cloud is not a panacea, it simply a more compelling economic alternative than high cost and expensive to maintain local infrastructure.

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